O U R   S T O R Y

Ector County Greater Works grew out of the Ward County Greater Works Inc.'s seed.  As volunteers from Ward County attended church services in Odessa they began to talk about the good work being done.  They were soon confronted with the need in the Odessa congregation for Ector County.  The Volunteers brought food from Ward County until there were more than 20 clients.  The Church agreed to house a food pantry for the local need.  Ector County Greater Works dba was formed in 2006.   The current facility was donated by that church to meet the needs of over 500 individuals.  In addition we are the hands and feet that deliver a large portion of West Texas Food Bank Elderly Boxes.


People enjoy helping those in need but generally don't know how to do it.  We provide the outlet for our community to serve the less fortunate.  We strive not to duplicate services with other providers and have found that home delivery of food is a unique service we can provide to those who are home bound but can still prepare meals for themselves. 

Greater Works serves four counties providing food and services to the ederly and disabled. In our operations in Ward County, Ector County, and Midland County serve over 2,000 people. Our clients receive a monthly box of 20 to 40 lbs of food.  We also guide our clients who have other needs connect to other local service providers. When a service cannot be provided by others we try to meet the need if possible.  Our services are vast, meeting needs not addressed by any other single agency. Our biggest asset is our communities’ involvement in donations and volunteering.

Ector County Population is 14% Elderly & 8.6% Disabled under 65.  The poverty level overall is 14.9%.  These statistics would suggest a client base of at least 24,000 individuals.

The need has increased due to COVID19 and unemployment in the area.